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Join me for a retreat?  3-6 November 2017, San Diego


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Join me for a retreat? 3-6 November 2017, San Diego

Joseph Clough

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Ever feel like you keep running around the same mountain, making the same mistakes in your life,  over and over again? 

I remember when I suffered from horrible social anxiety, how I would feel every time I was forced into a conversation, even with my own family and friends. 

It wouldn’t matter how much I prepped myself  before a social situation or how much I told myself to be cool and to just ignore the tightness in the pit of my stomach, forget the cold sweats, and please, please don’t blush…  It would still happen, causing mind-exhausting embarrassment and reinforce why I hated talking to people. 

Because the truth is, that  it doesn’t matter how much we try to talk ourselves out of  doing the very thing that is getting so in the way of our fulfilment of life, if we do not address what is causing the issue at the unconscious core level  first, then it will never fully go away. 

Thinking about it now, it’s hard to believe that shy, extremely anxious, and hurting person was me

But once I found the  magic behind letting go  of debilitating issues like my social anxiety, it was like  my whole world opened up to me.

And if I can go from not being able to even speak to my grandmother without breaking out into cold sweats and a tomato face, to now speaking in front of hundreds of people at a time with ease and relaxation, then it is  SO  possible for you.

And there’s  no better time than right now  to finally let go of whatever frustrating issue you may be facing on a daily basis which is just getting in your way of being your true potential of what you truly desire. 

Don’t keep going around that same mountain over and over, unsuccessfully willing yourself to change. 

Join me this November  for an unforgettable weekend of working with me one-to-one at our retreat in San Diego, Nov. 3rd-6th , where we’ll delve deep into the hidden root cause of whatever issue is causing you so much pain in your life, so you can  FINALLY be free of it, once and for all. 

You can choose to keep going around that same cycle of pain and exhaustion for years to come, or  let it go in one transformational weekend. 

The choice is yours. What will you choose? 

Don’t wait too long to decide, though.  We only have 1 spot left! 

Click here to claim your spot now.

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