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Its my Birthday and this is my message!!

Joseph Clough

Its my Birthday today. Right now I am in Las Vegas with a few friends. I've been here a few times because its so different from where I am from in Cambridge, England and I love the Helicopter trip into the Grand Canyon.

I thought i'd get on here and tell you my thoughts and plans.

My thoughts: I'm pretty grateful for everything in my life. I have so much to be grateful for and so should you. I'm not sure who came up with the quote but I like this one:

"If everyone put their problems in a pile so everyone could see, you would probably take yours back"

When we feel grateful we focus on the good things in life and then in turn our unconscious mind searchs for more things to be grateful for and also opportunitys that give us Joy. Have the attitude of gratitude, it will also you to see the good in live and lift the veil to your potential.


My plans for my 27th year of my life to to take it 10  levels :) I want to help so many more, build a greater rapport and give away more to you whether thats through products, seminars and anything else I can give you.

Its time to rock it and be who we choose to be, Over the last 10yrs I've made some crazy steps and crazy changes in who I am and I invite you to give up your excuses and offer yourself large portions of esteem and drive to be your power.

Lastly, thank you to you, by eager to watch, listen and share you push me to do more and more, so keep it going and so will I and together we can get out this information to help many many people around the world.

Okay the final last thing, Now its time to get some Birthday breakfast... decisions, decisions. PANCAKES :)

Your friend