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Israel - also important advice on confusion and emotions

Joseph Clough

Hey Guys

Just got back from the wonderful Israel teaching Time Line Therapy (TM)

As always it was an amazing experience where everyone was so warm and welcoming (A big thank you to NLP Plus for bringing us over too!)

Pictures are too follow at the bottom of the blog.

Right now its 5:30am so pretty early, but my mind was awake and I thought I’d put this time into good use.

We all go through ‘stuff’ right (‘Stuff’ is my technical word for issues/not so nice events/stress)

Where we can feel anger, sadness, fear, hurt, where we can feel confused and have a lack of knowing where you going.

It happens; I wouldn’t have it any other way. Our emotions tell us something isn’t quite how we want it. They are our inner guidance systems telling us to be aware of our situation.

But here’s the thing, most people do two things when this happens.

1)    They Ignore and bury it to the back of our mind 2)    They simply live the emotions every moment and feel stuck

Let me make it clear, when we go through our ‘stuff’ these negative emotions are simply a signal to focus on what you want.

Confusion and lack of clarity is the last step towards vision, clarity and knowing. Everyone who has made a huge leap in science just before they made that leap and breakthrough had confusion. It’s natural. To me confusion is you having all the knowledge and answers you need but you just haven’t integrated it as knowing yet. That’s why you are confused. It’s like you have all the pieces to the jigsaw puzzle and your unconscious mind is figuring how to put it together.

When you are aware that you are not feeling right, it’s your cue to focus on what you want. Don’t fall for the trap and continue focusing on what you don’t want. It’s an easy mistake to make but its pretty rubbish on the success front.

Focusing on all the things you do not want is like having a satellite navigation system (GPS) in your car and putting in all the locations you do not want to go to and visiting them first.

You would never do that right? Of course not, you put in your destination! So I will leave you with this question.

What is your destination? Are your destined to choose to focus on what you want or what you do not want?

Here are some Israel Pictures.