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In need of your help!

Joseph Clough

Hey friends, I hope you are all amazing on this Thursday Morning.

Can you help me please?

I need your vote..

As you may know I’m in the competition to become Britain’s Next Top Coach. Right now I am in the semi finals, where there are eleven other self help coaches are battling away to get into the final, where four get through to the final.

Why vote for me?

Well if you know my work, I hope you see my passion. You will also realize although this is my business and it has to make money, its not why I do what I do, as you will know the amount of free gifts I give to you, my free e-book Being Your Potential with Hypnosis Tracks, Hypnosis Downloads, Videos and PDFs on how to live the life you want. (If you haven’t received them already go to the main site and sign up and tell others too!!)

Why? Because I feel we deserve to live the life we want.

Who are we not to?

We’re not here to struggle and be held back by limitations.

I believe we can be what we want, whether that’s:

Financially Abundant, Confident, Content, Having wonderful relationships, Viberant Health, Transformational Careers, Free of fear.

Whatever you want, that’s what I believe you deserve and even more.

But what would it mean for me and you if I were to win?

Well for me, it would mean everything. I have the big goals and dreams I will achieve and will not stop until I get there. To some they seem unrealistic (I’ve been told this numerous times)…but who defines realistic? Me and you!

I want to transform the way we think, help those who cant afford change, create charities that help the world, and (yep here’s the woo woo la la point) to allow people to realize fear is a man made illusion and when we realize this globally we can change ourselves and each other to be our potential.

And for you?

Well I want you to be a part if this journey, should I win I’m going to hold a FREE weekend seminar designed just for you, I will continue to give you even more FREE products for you in mind. In other words I will allow me to work harder for you with out cost to you. I honestly believe you have a big part to play, I hope you feel this too.

I believe we are all here for a purpose (its okay if you do not believe this), and I believe apart of my joinery is helping and empowering as many people as I can.

In fact I was talking to friend about this just yesterday, he asked me

“How do you keep doing what you do, especially how hard you work and the big challenges you face?”

It was a hard question to think about, all I knew and said back to him was:

“If I simply gave up today, my drive would go, my energy inside of me would feel empty, and I would be lost”

And it got me thinking, this why I work more even when I do not have to, it’s ultimately what I am and this is what I want and wouldn’t want it any other way. I have this one live, I want to leave a mark that I can feel complete in the fact I did as much as I could, helped as much I could and empower as much I could.

Enjoy your day,

Your friend