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Lifting the lid on why I don’t sell.I don’t actively sell my work…

Have you noticed that?  I’m a business, a one man business yet can you remember a time when I said ‘buy this hypnosis product or coaching product’ All I see Facebook and Twitter accounts always selling this or that but I do not.  On my Facebook, Twitter and Newsletter points to just free gifts.

Why? My goal is not one of money, sure I would love financially freedom like the next guy, but its not my true love, my love is for you, for you to be happy, confident and feel love and freedom.

As of today I have produced over 50 hours of free audio, over 100 podcast episodes reaching 530,738 downloads and 67,171 last month alone.

I would say 80% of my working day (long, long hours) is all focused on my free work. People think I am crazy for this and competitors hate me for this. But I love you and want to help you.

Just think if I charged a $/£ for each one…wowza. But as I said that’s not me, I am here to serve, to help as many people as possible because I love you and want you to have the help you deserve.

Will you help me?

Today is a very great day, a day I am very proud of - today my first ever published book has gone on sale in the UK (and also worldwide) and I believe the content within Be Your Potential will transform your life for as little as £7 or $12. It even contains amazing audio you can download unavailable elsewhere.

If you have gotten value from my free work and would like to experience my work on a wider level, you may well purchase my book (it's even available on Kindle), it will be great for you and a wonderful gift for a loved one and friends. I would love your feedback on what you experience and how it has helped you.

By doing so it will mean I can write more by showing my publisher how my work is making positive changes on a mass level whilst still producing more free content

If you could share my message with those you know, together we can make a happier world, which is always my mission.

UK residents can get Be Your Potential here and the Kindle right here

USA can get Be Your Potential Paperback here and the Kindle right here

And rest of the world can get the book with free shipping on either link.

Always know you are loved and you are worthy my friend, I believe in you!

With love,