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I have something to tell you....

Joseph Clough

I want to tell you something; it may just be something. I want to tell you about a special person, who knew only what they had been taught. This person was someone who at times struggled – struggled with themselves and how they lived in this world, like most people today.

For this person, there were so much external pressures in society that they lost who they really were- like most people today. But who were they?

As a child, they thought everything was possible. Whatever they wanted to be, they could be. It wouldn’t be hard; it would be like a story, a fantasy film of their ideal life.

As a child they thought they could be, do or have whatever they wanted, and it was like inside them there were no limitations- just boundless thinking.

Where they lived in the moment and just knew everything would be how they wanted it to be. The career would be what they wanted; where they loved every moment. A life where they would have the ideal family, the ideal home, and the wonderful life we all dream of.

But as time went on, something happened. It wasn’t one thing that changed it; that stopped those beautiful dreams. It just slowly crept in. It was as if the more they grew, the more they forgot about how their life would be perfect.

Through experience they began to realise they had to live a certain way.

Look a certain way.

Act in a certain way.

People said they had to be realistic. They had to ‘get real’.

They couldn’t be that person they once thought they would, as they were told they were living in a fantasy world. They began to buy into the external pressures like everyone else. They began to buy into the opinions of people they were around and society’s expectations of how they should be.

These people and even society as a whole thought they were right but they didn’t know any better. As they were once that child who dreamt boundless dreams but were told they had to ‘get real’.

Through the experiences the person went through, they began to look back on their memories, and that told them how they should act in the future – the past was the only definite thing my friend knew after all.

This person began to make decisions on they thought was real and true. Over time, those memories, thoughts and decisions created beliefs; beliefs that they thought were true as their past experience told them so.

Unfortunately, it led to the creation of the belief of ‘I’m not good enough’ or at times ‘not being worthy’. They feared rejection and failure. It was as if the more they lived, the more they created limiting beliefs of how they viewed the world and more importantly how they viewed themselves.

They began to settle for second best. Maybe the job they didn’t like, maybe the person they knew they shouldn’t be with.

At times they thought they should settle for what they have in their life – accept the cards they had been deal with and to accept their lot in life. These beliefs and values were not what they wanted, but their inner thoughts simply fed their ever growing and ingrained beliefs of not being allowed what they wanted.

I wonder what would happen if they kept hold of that childlike inner curiosity and belief- that they could do, be, or have what they wanted.

This person didn’t know that they simply were asleep.

Asleep to the real truth.

They simply bought into their own and other’s expectations and that expectation was one of just getting by and struggling.

What if that person knew that whatever they thought they were, they are actually even more beautiful than that? In fact no matter what they thought they were, they always were and will be more that.

What if they realised that the past experiences were just an illusion they created.

That the beliefs they held toward the world were self made illusions. The fear and worry they had, had been an illusion.

An illusion?

Yes, an illusion.

It’s not real. It’s a matter of perception, isn’t it?

Their perception was not the real reality. When people said to ‘get real’, they were actually getting less real and more fake.

When you really go deeper, this person broken down to the smallest part is just energy. Energy that vibrates. Which moves, and has taken form as that person.

And if they were simply energy at the smallest level of existence, it would mean everything around them is the same – just energy. The people in their life were energy; the physical things around them were condensed energy.

If that were to be true, it would mean that everything was a sea of energy, going into and out of form, through birth to death, in and out of form, forever energy transcending from one form to the other, always energy. To realise that they were truly interconnected with all that is, and ever will be.


You see, this person didn’t realise that they were everything that was around them. They saw themselves as separate, as an individual cut off from the world, separated from people and things – but it wasn’t their fault that they were thinking that way, it was what they had been taught after all.

But there’s more still to re-remember that would shock, anger and cause them to even refuse to believe.

All the things they didn’t like in others were simply a reflection of what they had within them. The wonderful qualities they saw in others were also wonderful qualities of themselves. In fact, this person was like a small part within the whole of everything else. But what they didn’t realise was that everything else, the whole, was in them.

The fear only existed in this person through them not being the real them. Fear in a way was when they were not being the real them, their true potential. They didn’t realise that life begins on the edge of your comfort zone. Fear was the thing that separated them from everything else they wanted to be.

But fear was all this friend knew- but it wasn’t their fault; it was what they had been taught.

It makes you wonder inside that fear is a man made creation, isn’t it?

In fact even time itself was manmade – stay with me for a moment.

That man gave life to time, to fear, to beliefs and even to themselves and the world around them.

Fear simply feeds more fear and it spreads like wildfire. Fear caused the person to focus on what they didn’t want to happen, but ironically caused them to focus on and give life to more fear.

But if fear is a creation of oneself, what are they really?

They are Love.

Love is the only thing that they really are, the thing that only exists, everything else is an illusion.

Love ultimately transcends all; even things we feel we can not change. Love is something that if you lived and breathed in every moment, would give you optimism and knowing that all is well and all is right and always will be.

That when love is fully present in yourself, everything pans out how it should – like the dreams and hopes of a child.

Having pure joy and love allows you actualise what you want. Some people may say Love is a simple chemical reaction in our brain. This is also true, but it does not mean it’s less real.

To remember the time before time- somewhere where everything just was, where there was no separation, just a place where everything was everything. But in order to make sense of what we are, we had to realise what we were not.

To give ourselves and the things we saw meaning, to judge and label our experience, to make sense of the world we live in. Like light and dark, light can only exist with darkness.

But this person tried to make too much sense in what they saw around them, and who they were themselves. This person didn’t realise that by separating themselves from what is not them was a lie – yes a lie.

As they are everything.

This person didn’t realise that they were love, that the fear they held was an illusion. In fact that everything they saw in the world was an illusion other than Love.

If that person realised how beautiful and wonderful they really are, they could then create what they wish. To see themselves looking through the eyes of love; so that they could go for more and accept nothing less than bliss.

That they could live the life they wanted just as they thought as child. A life free of boundaries and limitations.

That if this friend really chose, they could no longer have to buy into others expectations to be a certain way. That they could no longer be asleep, that they could re-awaken and reremember what they were meant to remember.

To remember that rather than being a product of life, they could allow life to be a product of what they create and that they were Love in its purest form.

You see this person is the most wonderful person. This person is pure love and is beautiful exactly the way they really are.

That is what is real, the real them.

For this friend to finally realise that they are the ultimate, that they are the part and the whole, that the world they see around them is a mere reflection of themselves.

That they could choose to create the life they want. That they no longer have to settle.

That they could be who they want to be.

That they know at the smallest part of themselves, that they are love, to the largest thing, that they are love.

The type of love that changes all. Not the labelled love we have become accustomed too. But a deeper love. Love that is not just for someone else, but for all, and especially for themselves.

That they are the light, which can light up the illusory darkness.

When the person truly realised this and felt it, breathed it and just knew that they are the greatest gift, that they are the most beautiful thing in the world, they realised that person was……


With love,


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