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How To Set Up A Thriving Therapy Practice

Joseph Clough

Hey Guys,

Okay, hopefully with the blog post subject line being what it is you are now reading because

1) You are newly training in a sort of therapy

2) Or you are already therapist.

And the core aspect

3) You either have no or little idea how to set up a therapy practice or you have a practice but a very, very quiet one.

Well I want that to all change for you.

Last month I was running a business section on my Master Practitioner Course and it blew their minds, and this was a course that had seasoned and experienced therapists. This got me thinking the following points:

• I had no idea HOW to get clients when I started

• I made many big mistakes that cost me money I couldn’t afford to lose.

• The training I received on every course when I started out gave me next to nothing in how to get the clients and utilise the great processes I learnt.

So I decided to pull out all that I have learnt, more than I did on the course and create a video programme containing all you need to know (I’m also giving you the MP3 version too in the same cost).

I’ve set up more than one practice in my time and helped many other therapists too. In one case I set up one which was top of Google within a month beating all my competitors, I had clients lined up BEFORE I even moved to the location. That location was Liverpool, UK a big cities by all accounts!

Here are just a few things I go over in the audio programme for just £39.99 (46 Euros and $64) (I will be doubling the price in the next 7 days, this is just for you!):

• The real truth and reality check trainers don’t tell you

• My Secret Spin Off Model that 95% of your competition has no clue about and once implemented will double your income in 6 months (sounds big, but it is).

• How to separate yourself from the rest

• Another hidden truth of how to double your income and tap in to twice as many clients (I’m surprised no one does this)

• How to get websites without the paying thousands

• How to get everything professional without the expense

• 3 ways to get on top of Google and other search engines

• Social Media Mastery

• How to build successful relationships that refer time and time again.

And much more.

My intention is to take you from the novice to the expert when it comes to setting up your practice. That means you no longer are the great therapist who can’t get clients, instead you become the person who changes lives day after day – which to be honest that’s why we are in the help others!

Finally I believe YOU have all the skills to help people, you just need a deeper practical knowledge to get clients.

For half a price of a client, for a limited time to my list I am reducing it by 50% - just £39.99! It will go up in the next 7 days though.

So for more information and to purchase your download CLICK HERE

Your friend