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Happiness is not acquired its realised - hints and tips

Joseph Clough

More and more people are beginning to wake up that happiness is not something gained by acquiring but instead to realising that happiness is what we make it right now. Its not a journey of 'getting things' but a journey of becoming and being happiness.

So here are my simple steps to becoming a happier person right now without needing anything else.

First of all we must realise that happiness is a subject experience, which means we define what happiness is. We may have been taught by our family or people we surround ourselves with or even what time we grew up that gave us the notion of what happiness is.

In order to be taught what we think happiness someone or people had to teach us or show us what happiness is in terms of something tangible more often than not and when we think about it they were only taught that by someone and the person was too - could it be that we are thinking happiness is something that was meant to be happiness generations ago?

We may have been taught that being financially secure is happiness, or having the wife/husband with family to be happiness, it could be having a solid career, the two holidays a year or fill in the blank...

But is that happiness? 

I think more people are realising that 'things' do not equate to happiness but they add to it. That happiness starts from with in and is grown into our external world.

So go inside and reflect on what you thought was happiness and then go deeper and ask the question what is happiness for me?

Another tip to happiness is to appreciate the now, to be fully present in your life. We can commonly live in the past and forget about whats happening now. But living in the past is not a way of being happy. Happiness is coming to terms with what has been and learning from it, so those learnings can help us. This also goes for the future, we can keep setting goals that cause cause us to forget about whats happening now.

I like the idea that life should be link driving a car, we occasionally look in the small rear view mirror (the past), our eyes are looking forward  (future), yet we are firmly in the seat (the now) and are are always in the now.

Understanding that this moment is never ending, that the past is a memory we can learn from and the future a memory waiting to happen, but now is the most important thing we can put our attention too, as thats where we create happiness.

Another thing we must do is continue you to grow, to immerse ourselves with learnings and to improve our mind, body and soul. When we grow we expand our world. We are growing creatures and the more attention we put on the inner world of us the more we understand the nature of us, and that is that we are meant to be happy and content right now.

We must also take responsibility for our live, which really means being accountable for our own happiness. Not relying on others, things, or circumstance to make us happy. This also means especially to free ourselves of the blame game or having exudes. That just locks us down and gives power away to those we blame. Remember no excuse will equal the achievement of happiness and it all start with you.

The realisation that happiness is not something gained or acquired is powerful. It means there is nothing for you to do other than putting your attention on what satisfies your happiness. Living in this moment, being grateful, knowing how beautiful and special you are whilst developing a connection of what your happiness is is very liberating and freeing.

In my own personal life, its something that has kept popping up, I have big goals and dreams, for many years I lived my future forgetting whats happen now. These days I put my attention on myself, and that means looking after my needs right now. And the funny thing is, more people benefit from you being happy rather just trying to make other people happy. And another thing is that those goals and dreams you have will still be there, but you go on that journey being propelled by the happiness you feel now.

Be sure to write a comment and let me know what you defined happiness as and what you now define what happiness is.

With love,