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Great press in the Daily Express with Joseph Clough

Joseph Clough

Hey All Just thought I’d let you know of the great press we are getting.

Last week I was in one of the biggest UK national papers The Daily Express. I was invited to the London headquarters to release three phobias using my own skills and Hypnosis and NLP.

A dog phobia, a fear of wrists and a fear of swallowing and choking.

I’m pleased to say I released them all that day and one only took 10 minutes.

Below is a picture of the article.

Joseph Clough, Celebrity Mind Coach, The Daily Express


Makes you wonder what you can easily change from fears and phobias to anxiety and depression, to relationship issues to health issues. It’s all yours to change and have the freedom that you deserve.

Only one thing ultimately stops us from changing…… ourselves.

We are our only limitation, but on the other hand we can transform that to pure potential, to reclaim our thoughts, to develop empowering beliefs, to construct exciting new behaviours, to manifest our dreams and act out our destiny.

We don’t create a wonderful future by focusing on the past. You would never think to drive a car just looking behind you. Instead you focus on the big windscreen in front of you, to know where you are going and only occasionally look at the rear view mirror to be safe. I think life is the same, we can learn from the past, but our time is now – to live in the present and to focus on our outcomes and live them as if we had them now.

So why not take this time now, to take responsibility and reclaim your life back. After all we can choose life to effect us, or we can choose to see every thing in life to a effect of us.

Your friend

Joseph Clough Celebrity Mind Coach

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