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Free Hypnosis iPhone/iPod/iPad Apple App

Joseph Clough

New free iPhone/iPod/iPad Application

If you have an Apple device, I really suggest you download this App, so you can now get all my Hypnosis and Being Your Potential titles for your device!

Why should you download it?

Quite simply I am breaking the rules when it comes to getting help and transforming your life.

1) Its free to download - so no need to pay anything...complete zero cost!

2) You also get hypnosis tracks already inbuilt into the app, such as my Complete Relaxation, Complete Confidence, Manifesting Goals and also the Be Courageous Hypnosis tracks - at zero cost!

3) Here is the other great thing about the App - to download any of my Hypnosis titles it will not cost you £14.99, not £8.99 but only £1.79 each (around $3!)

The truth is, my intention is to help as many as possible, at the most affordable prices...even like this app where you pay nothing!

That is my goal in life, to help you be the real you, becoming free of conflict and reaching new heights of happiness and peace in all areas of your life.


You can download it here for your iPhone/iPod/iPad now!


Can you do me a favour?

Already I have great written reviews, rating it 5* and saying how good it is, but for some reason oddly there have been a few people give rating it 1* with no review. I cannot think why this is the case, unless some people in the industry are not like how I do things at high quality and so cost effective for people.

To date my podcast has had well over 180,000 listens, where I make sure you get a good 20-30 minutes podcast on self help and hypnosis, where others do just a few minutes and people in the industry think I am crazy for doing so...but it is simple in my mind, everyone has the right to get help.

So could you help me now and write a review/rate the Apple App here?

I am working on getting other apps on other devices, but because I am making them all so you paying for nothing it will take some time to roll them all out, but I will get there.

Download the Apple App here!


Remember, you are perfect and you are worthy to reach all your desires, so be your potential knowing that!

With love,