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Whatever you’re focusing on, you bring about - Hypnosis

Joseph Clough

Whatever you’re focusing on, you bring about There’s such a thing as a reticular activating system in our brain that searches for information; if you have a continuous thought or a certain mindset, it will seek out those answers whether it is good or bad. That is why when you see a car you really want, you see it everywhere you go. You were looking out for that piece of information. The body and the mind try to draw out those opportunities to see or have that thing.

But if you perceive negative things, if you see in your reality all the things you’re going to fail at, all the things you’re not good enough to get, all the poor relationships, all the bad health you’re going to get, guess what? The reticular activating system will literally search for those outcomes. It will focus upon those negative perceptions. Whatever you’re focusing on, you bring about.

But if we flip that over, if you truly believe you’re good enough and worthy in every situation --about money, our health, relationships and careers -- the brain will begin to look out for that information, seeking out opportunities to find that right person in your life and truly attract them. It will find those situations in your career, to fully progress and live the life and the career in all the abundance that you deserve.

If you have the positive mindset of thinking healthy, your mind and body will regenerate themselves to get to where you want to be, to have that perfect health. So your focus is very important. If you focus on the things which are negative, you’re going to think about more of the negative things andtherefore feel negative emotions. People who are really anxious aboutsituations create images in their mind about all the things which will go wrong. This in turn causes their body to get all panicky and anxious, fearfulof doing that thing. So when they go into that situation, they completely failand reaffirm exactly what’s happened because they imagined it already, or they just don’t go in that situation again due to overwhelming anxiety.

The most powerful thing we have is our mind and how we can focus on the things that we want. That’s what I’m really going to retrain you to get -- to get in control of your mind and therefore be in control of the results that you’re producing.

So if we take that one event, whether it be good or bad. We take it in through our five senses; we delete, distort and generalise the things we’re taking in with regards to our beliefs, our attitudes, our memories, our values and our decisions. We then make an image in our minds of what we think we’re seeing.

That external event will be completely different. The eyes don’t see what’s really out there in the world. The eyes just take in the information. We create the image of what we think is true and then we see what we want to see. And then when we make that image in our minds of what we think is happening out there. Our bodies will feel and react in a certain way. So, if someone goes through a situation and he has a negative view point of the situation -- maybe because they have limiting beliefs, traumatic memories from the past, or even terrible decisions they could have made previously -- it will result in their bodies feeling bad or “low’.”

But if we think positively about that situation, having a great attitude, great beliefs and values, and we begin to create a new associations to our memories to get what we want and all the future memories we’re going to have, our body will therefore change. Our whole physiology will change, so our minds and bodies will produce a different outcome, a different result.

And we’ve got to get each one of those in alignment in order to gain your outcome, to generate the most amazing beliefs, to have the most wonderful values, to make empowering decisions which actually give you more freedom and opportunities, to truly manifest the things that you want in life. It’s only through your ability to translate vibrations that you’re able to understand the world around you, your reality. So, in other words, through your eyes you’re translating the light waves into vibrations which you see all the time. Your ears to translate the vibrations of all the sounds into what you’re beginning to hear right now. Then we have the tongue, the nose and the fingertips translating the vibrations into the tastes, smells and touches that help you understand the world around you. Then we make a decision, a way of perceiving how we want it to be, whether it is negative or positive.

Some thing to think about right?

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