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Exciting news to come, but are your beliefs yours?

Joseph Clough

Okay, I have some of the most exciting news in the next few days and weeks. It could just be the spark for you to change everything in your world.

BUT I’m not allowed to talk about it just yet. You will have to wait.

In the mean time, think about this...

Beliefs govern our world, they make up your world and how you perceive it.

Are the beliefs you have about yourself, others and the world ones that support you? Do they give you hope, belief and faith?

If not, let’s think about this...

Where did you get those beliefs from?

Maybe past experiences, so if you get burned in a past relationship/friendship, you wary of it happening again and you form a belief about relationships that they are not to be trusted.

Maybe you failed so many times at something you have resigned yourself to a belief of hopelessness and not good enough.

But let’s go that bit further back, shall we?

Did you know that the majority of your personality and beliefs can actually be formed in the first 7 years of your life? Some even suggest as little as the first 3 years of your life.


So how on earth do we pick up beliefs back then?

Well it’s what we see around us, and also and here’s a key, they come from our parents and family.

So if you see your dad struggle with money every day, you see how it’s so hard to make it, as child, teenager you will more often than not ‘buy’ in to that belief system and take it on as your own.

It can go for or health, relationships and career too.

Where did your parents get those beliefs?

Maybe through experience and maybe from their parents – but what does that mean?

Ultimately we could be holding on to beliefs which are generations old and more importantly not yours!

This would be the perfect time to take stock, think about your beliefs and change them as they may not be even yours in the first place.

Your friend

Joseph Clough

Celebrity Mind Coach