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Exciting news, a gift and have no competitors again

Joseph Clough

Hey Guys I hope you are all great and wonderful. I’ve got some great news, me and Paul (my dad) are going back to Israel to do a Time Line Therapy Training ™ in the next few months. Also thank you all for the wonderful comments about my new video and gift to you. If you haven’t seen it yet here it is

Got Competitors?

Do I? 

Some may think so, but why does it not worry me.

Firstly I give a 100% satisfaction guarantee on my trainings and seminars and have never had to refund ever and we receive wonderful testimonials, which speaks for itself. I also believe we give more free quality mind opening products than anyone else. It also means if 'competitors' are talking about you then they must be fear or be wary of your success.

BUT this is why I really do not mind and this is the important part and especially in this time of the credit crunch.

I personally do not have any competitors............


I really believe that and so should you......


I believe what I do is unique and authentic to not worry about what others do. Because when you do think about your competition you’re not focusing on your own business and you put to much time and energy in talking about your competitors to take them down a level.

If your competitors are doing well, use it as a motivation to get back on track with your plan of action and continue striding forward.

If you are going to compare with someone only compare yourself with…..yourself.

Each day strive to better the previous day, the previous week and previous month.

Let your business be your passion, and then you will truly grow as a person and a business. And do not think badly of your competitors because they are thriving, have gratitude for yourself and what you do and put all and energy on your brilliant business.

But here’s the message I would like you to know. This is not just about business either, its about relationships, money, and health. Do not compare yourself with others or even what the media and society expect of you.  Be the real you, your true potential and then you will begin to live the life you wish to be, do or have what ever you want. 

Be your potential

Your friend