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Evolution Not Resolution

Joseph Clough

Being the new year, I hear lots of people talking about New Year Resolutions. 'I'm going on a diet to lose the pounds'

'I'm going to get that promotion'

'I'm going to focus on getting relationship'

'I'm going to quit smoking'

'I'm going to 'fill in the blank'

We all know that most rarely follow through with their resolutions, sometimes they even give up before the the month ends.

But why? 

Well the word resolution really means 'a firm decision to do or not to do something'. But a firm decision is limiting, it usually has the association of a lack or scarcity. 'I'm going to lose weight' entails a sense of starvation or giving up something we enjoy and they same thing can go for 'quitting smoking'. It also implies that if we do not achieve it that we have failed and in the end we can resolve that we cannot do what we desire due to the failure to carry it through. So really we could say resolutions are all or nothing attitude. As well as that, because they are definite there is little room to change your resolution without the thoughts of failure.

But I propose to thinking about making changes in your life in a new way. Not resolution but evolution. 

Evolution in essence means 'the gradual development of something' or a consistent change in developing flexible behaviours to adapt to your environment to live successfully.

Growing as a person is the key to success, and a growing person makes consistent and subtle developments as they go through life. Its a journey not quick decision.

So what you have to do is come up with some themes that you would like to hit generally over the year that with consistent actions that you take that causes you to achieve the success.

Quick tips for a evolutionary you:

* Write out a summary of what you would like to improve (not change) in your health, relationships, career and money.

* Then consider 5 actions you could consistently take each week to get you toward you goal. 

* Should you not hit them every week, do not see them as a failure but instead ask 'what can I learn from this?' 'How can I improve?' with the mantra that 'there is no such thing as failure just feedback I can use to improve for the future'

* Be sure to also make those improvements positively stated as you write them, as if you say to 'stop smoking' or 'to not be in debt' our conscious and unconscious focus is based on what we do not want and thats remains in the forefront of our mind and where ever attention goes energy flows. State it in a positive and your mind and body will seek out how to get there. 

* Finally see it as a journey not a destination, that means we are always developing as a person know there are always ways to continue to to grow. 

What will your evolution consist of? - let me know by commenting below.

With love,