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Did you purchase my book? can you help me please?

Joseph Clough

Hey Guys, I was wondering if you could take a few minutes and help me.

I’m not one to ask for many things, as I love providing as many audio and video gifts as possible - on that note I am so grateful that my over 100 free podcasts sessions has been downloaded over 700,000 times…its pretty mind blowing for me knowing people are getting free help they deserve, so thank you for listening.

Anyway I digress, I'm not one to ask for many things, but I was wondering if you could help me in a big way, that will take just 5 minutes.......if you have purchased my book Be Your Potential from me personally, in shops or any where, I would be 100,000,000% honoured and truly grateful if you could leave a review on Amazon.

I ask this for two reasons. 

1) More people will feel confident in purchasing it and making powerful changes in their life with your recommendation - its had 18 five star reviews on and 5 five star reviews on

2) I believe the more positive reviews I get the chances of me writing and producing more books, I have many in me and each review will be looked at when we come to getting a further book deal so I can help as many people as I possibly can.

So if you have purchased my book, in every way I would be most grateful if you could leave a review on Amazon (you don’t have to of purchased it from there to leave a review).

For people in the UK just click here  and then click ‘Create Your Own Review’

For the rest of the world just click here  and then click ‘Create Your Own Review’

Thank you for taking the time to reading this and remember if you have purchased the book and then if you take a photo with the book and send it to me at I will send you a Hypnosis MP3 of your choice.

Be great, always realise your beauty and inner power and thank you.

With love,


P.S If you want to purchase my book you can do so here I provide FREE Shipping anywhere in the world. (I can sign it with a personal message to you if you wish too also)