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FREE Self Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy CDs and MP3 downloads by Joseph Clough - Celebrity Hypnotherapist and Hay House Author -  Health Podcast San Diego, seminars and trainings

December Newsletter - FREE MP3 Downloads

Joseph Clough

Welcome to the Joseph Clough Newsletter

Later than usual, but better late than never!

Apologies for the delay in getting these free Hypnosis and Self Development videos and audios to you.

Right now I am in Koh Samui, Thailand, and we had almost a week of no power and water, which meant no Internet to send this out. BUT all is back to normal now and I have some great gifts for you.

Another update is this month something very special will happen, in the coming weeks together we will have reached a total of1,000,000 free downloads - and they are getting downloaded100,000 times a month - that blows my mind, a BIG thank you for listening, being a part of the change and stepping up to being your potential.

I've also made it so you can directly download the audio from each of the below links, so you can have it forever of line.

Lets now get down to the free gifts:

  • Update for the future.....

Making Positive Changes Hypnosis Download

Here is a FREE Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy MP3 download for Making Positive Changes plus an update for 2013!

Enjoy  Click here to get the audio for FREE online or on iTunes 

Becoming Slick Coaching Download

In this podcast I speak about becoming slick, and by slick I mean not allowing others to effect you and your dreams. To differentiate between your own desires and other peoples projections of what you can become and achieve. This can be about those who try to demean, devalue or doubt our potential

Are you ready to become slick?. Click here to get the audio for FREE online or on iTunes

Living Beyond Your Comfort Zone Coaching Download

You will love this free podcast, I go into detail about expanding and living beyond your comfort zone, with my own personal experiences in the past and right now. You can learn a great deal from this one.

Live Beyond Your Comfort Zone. Click here to get the audio for FREE online or on iTunes

My Problem To Solution Process Download

In this download I teach you a process of how you can change your relationship and association to any problem you maybe experiencing, and when we do that, we change the results we get. This process changes the flow from being in the problem state to one of possibility and transformation.

Be sure to be in a comfortable and relaxed place (not doing anything other than listening) as I do some wide awake hypnotic language to get your conscious and unconscious mind to make changes. Click here to get the audio for FREE online or on iTunes

Update for the future....

Tomorrow I will be sending out another email - it will keep you in the loop as to some new exciting developments in how I have come up with a way of helping you more than ever before, its been a long time in the making, in fact its still in process, I cannot wait to share some of the news.

So until then my friend, remember I believe in you and how amazing you are.

With love,