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Joseph Clough

It's my birthday this weekend, Why are birthdays great?

The presents? Maybe

To me it’s about surrounding yourself with people who you love and to have gratitude for your life. It’s a celebration.

It’s a time to celebrate you and your life. When you celebrate you and all you are (and you are always more than that) it means you change your view point. Rather focusing in everything you are not, you focus on the inside.

When you do this and you feel gratitude it not only makes you feel happy, blessed and thankful, you also change your inner thoughts of your mind. Then when that happens your mind consciously and subconsciously begins to  look for more things to be thankful for and pulls them into your awareness and also your life.

Think about it, have you ever been soooooooooo thankful and happy that everything seems to flow? Its true and its also science, whatever you think about your brain searches for more of the same, usually though we focus on all the things we do not want, which gives life to fear, anxiety or doubt. But when we flip it round we no longer fear, we actually embrace us and when that happens everything happens.

So lets not only have gratitude on special occasions, actually forget that, have gratitude for every special occasion, as every breath you take, everything thought you have, and everything you are is a special occasion.

Live the life you are destined to have, one of happiness, joy, love and empowerment.

Your friend