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A Lesson On Attracting and Repelling/Obsessing Our Desires

Joseph Clough

Hey guys, I just recieved an email from a wonderful person with following question:

"I was wondering what I could possibly do to help myself relax when it comes
To relationships. When I meet someone I really like my mind goes into auto pilot and thinking way way to far ahead. Which is something I don't particularly like about my thought process. I immediately put pressure on myself, take away the fun if getting to know someone as I'm thinking ooh could he be the one. It's a very desperate way of thinking and I'm sure men pick up on it. I'm an attractive woman with a great personality so I wonder what causes this "fear".
I'm happy to work on this and I'm an analytical person so I do think too much. 
I also wonder what it is about me that can often attract men who leave the country!
Here was my reply (this will also help you if you have an issue with any goal you wish to desire): 

Okey Dokey as you mentioned you are analytical and also there is this want to be settled and that you do not want this to become an obsession by it all, which is important, as too much attachment is not healthy. 

So my beliefs are the nature of the world and to attract and be at peace with it, is to know your desires (tick that box - you know this) but also to allow it to happen (this maybe a little hard at first). 

Personally I really wanted a book deal, I became a little obsessed with it too, and the more I pushed for it the more it became stuck and not going anywhere, then I was like 'Okay, this book is awesome, I put a lot of work into the book so I feel I should of achieved something by now'. 

After a while I eased off, and thought it will happen when I am ready and when I am at peace, I will continue to work on the book but I will not chase the book deal, sure I will be open and take inspired action when its right but I want to just relax and enjoy the now and allow my happiness to be in the now, enjoy the book in every experience, to be the passion of book and not chase the book deal while the world/universe/unconscious mind learns new ways of getting the book deal - to just be in the now and then out of nowhere by just enjoying the book and enjoying just being in the now the book deal just came to existence. When I did this the book deal came to me, and the even more awesome thing was that I enjoyed each moment before the book deal which allowed me to be at peace with it and without it.

Now change the word 'book' to 'me' as in you (name). and 'book deal' into 'relationship' (edit: you as the reader can change 'book deal' into any desire you have)

Before every experience of meeting this person/or others put all your attention into the now and be in the moment and this will change the thinking 'is this the one' to 'I wonder how much fun I can have?' even ask yourself that question. If need be get onto the podcast and enjoy the power of now hypnosis session. 

I also believe this will even transcend the people moving away into people who gravitate to you. 

Make sense?


I think this is a really important lesson that we can all learn from - it was a great learning for me personally/

With love,