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3 spaces remaining for Reclaim Your Destiny Weekend

Joseph Clough

Dare to spend a weekend with me? This is your gentle reminder that my two day weekend event - Reclaim Your Destiny is quickly approaching.....2nd and 3rd April Cambridge, UK (45mins from London)

It’s also a great introduction to NLP, Hypnosis and Coaching for those curious minds.

You maybe be thinking...why is it important to attend and what will it get you?

Well here’s the thing, I want to share with you how you can get in control of your mind, thoughts and behaviours.

To work on any area of your life, from relationships, careers, health and money.

The truth is, taking action creates change. The decision to do something about a problem you may be facing or life in general is vital part of success, and then investing your time to make those changes.

When you do this transformation happens. I want to speed that process up for you and give you everything you need within the two days you spend with me.

On Your Reclaim Your Destiny Workshop You Will Discover:

• How To Release Negative Emotions Once And For All – Negative emotions are a key barrier for keeping you from the life of your dreams once you’ve released your negative emotions you’ll find you have more choice in your life which makes achieving you dreams easier and faster.

• My Simple Strategy For Consciously Creating Your Future – Without a plan you are unlikely to reach your destination. By consciously creating your future you’ll find you’ll be effortlessly and unconsciously be pulled toward the life you really want

• How To Finally Take Charge of Your Own Destiny – If you are not taking charge of your destiny, who is? If you living less than unfulfilling existence then your destiny is being influenced by something or someone else whether, bosses, friends, family, etc.

• You’ll Also Release Limiting Thoughts. Such As... "I have low self-esteem ...” “I’m not good enough…” "I can't have a great relationship ..." "It's hard to make money ..." Limiting thoughts are powerful and are often buried and undetected. They will operate in the background to constantly pull you back to the kind of life you have now – which is why lottery winners often find themselves even more broke within 2 years than before winning the jackpot.

• How To Identify And Install Key Success Factors In All Areas Of Life – There is a vast difference between knowing something and realising something. Consciously knowing key factors for success will do little for you but embedding them into your unconscious makes you unstoppable.

• Developing Core Beliefs That Serve You – And Planting Them Deep Into Your Unconscious Mind. – we all possess core beliefs: some which serve us and some which act against us. Once you’ve identified which core beliefs you have, you can weed out the disempowering ones and replace them with powerfully supporting beliefs.

• Integrate Excellence For Outstanding Results – Once all your values and beliefs are aligned to who you are, you will feel more relaxed, more empowered, more confident and fully equipped to naturally attract the life of your dreams faster than you’d ever expect.

• Accelerate Your Success In All Areas Of Your Life – There is nobody more charismatic than someone who is aligned to who they really are and know what they really want. It takes no special skills or tricks for getting what you really want rather it is more about revealing your natural talents to the universe around you. This is what you get when you Reclaim Your Destiny

And as an added extra bonus session, I will be give you an opportunity to spend time with me so I can teach you how to make changes in others...I will teach you how to hypnotise people and yourself. It’s a wonderful feeling know you are helping someone and I want to share that with you.

I only have 3 places left as I am keeping the numbers low on this event, so I can dedicate as much time to you as possible (25 people max!).

To make it easier for you, I can help you out with reasonable priced accommodation near to the seminar venue upon booking.

As I said 3 places left and the investment of this event is only £167 (within this is unlimited tea and chocolates...juice...water etc)

If you are ready to unleash the power of you, assume control of your mind and therefore your results CLICK HERE!

With love,