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Manifestation Hypnosis CD and MP3 Download

Manifestation Hypnosis MP3 Download - Joseph Clough

The Manifestation Collection

Imagine getting your mind so focused you achieve all your goals and dreams

How would it transform your life to imprint your mind with success mindset?

How would it transform your health, relationships and career?

Through this life-changing hypnosis/hypnotherapy MP3 we will together:

• Release limiting thoughts and mindsets

• Utilise the law of attraction and action

• Train your mind to focus on your goals

• Realise your potential and make things happen

• Develop new empowering beliefs about yourself

• Construct transformational feelings of confidence

• Create exciting new behaviours for all situations

Now is the time to harness the full power of your mind.  Research shows how our beliefs, attitudes and mindsets affect how we act and attract our goals.  Whatever you believe and focus upon, day in and day out, you begin to project and attract into your life. You could call it the power of your intention or maybe the law of attraction or just the way the mind works.

Successful people have successful mindsets and behaviours to go with them.

But why haven’t you achieved your goals already? Well we may want to achieve many goals and dreams in our life, but if we are not 100% aligned with those goals consciously and unconsciously then we can miss out on our dreams or actually come up with self imposed obstacles!

However using this Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy MP3 download you will receive five tracks designed for your success.

Track 1: Positive Affirmations and Suggestions       (Aprox 25 minutes)

Track 2: Amazing Relationships Hypnosis Section  (Aprox 20 minutes)

Track 3: Perfect Health Hypnosis Section               (Aprox 20 minutes)

Track 4: Financial Abundance Hypnosis Section     (Aprox 20 minutes)

Track 5: General Wellbeing Manifestation Section   (Aprox 20 minutes)

My Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy MP3 download works directly with your unconscious to scale new heights of focusing the mind and installing successful mindsets and personal power!

It's all yours to discover; simply grow into the real you and actualise your dreams.

100% no questions asked money back guarantee.



My products can possibly be the most important investment you'll ever make to let go any issues or problems you have in life.

I assure you that you'll be able to reap the rewards for the rest of your life once you have used my products with consistency and commitment.