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Tim Freke, Joseph Clough, Sandy Newbigging, Alexandra Watson, Juliette Madden Wo

Joseph Clough is an international Trainer, Coach and Hypnotherapist

Empowerment Live 4 Disc DVD

Empowerment Live! on DVD is here...

Thats right!

Were you disappointed on missing out at being at the Empowerment Live! weekend conference? 

Well now you can get the Empowerment Live! DVD straight to your door.

See the excellent and inspiring speakers Tim Freke, Joseph Clough, Sandy Newbigging, Alexandra Watson, Juliette Madden Woollard, Jenny Cox and Sue Stone.

Here is what you get:

Disc One:

Tim Freke - Mystery As A Doorway To Awakening. Best Selling Author

Be a part of 'The Mystery As A Doorway To Awakening yourself’ and join Tim for this introductory workshop in which he will share with you his groundbreaking philosophy of ‘Lucid Living’.

Juliette Madden Woollard - Medicinal Cookery for the Mind.

Empower yourself to take control of your health through simple things like raw chocolate and superfood drinks. Indulge in Juliette's passion and outstanding knowledge in the field of nutrients that positively influence the mind.

Disc Two:

Sue Stone - Time to Breakthrough. As seen on TV

From just £10 left in her purse to living in a beautiful multi-million pound home, Sue Stone has totally transformed her life; her inner world and her outer world. Stone shares the tools that have worked for her, to allow you to also achieve the happiness and success you absolutely deserve.

Sandy Newbigging - Peace For Life. As seen on TV

During this moving and enlightening talk Sandy will show you how to reconnect with the 'Inner peace inside you, that is always present'. A transformation talk from a genuine, positive and peaceful person respected worldwide for his teachings.

Disc Three:

Joseph Clough - Retraining The Mind For Success. As seen on TV

Celebrity Mind Coach Joseph Clough explains the secrets to how your mind works for you, and how you can achieve your desired state of mind. He shares the five powerful keys to success that you can apply directly into your life and how you can utilise the power of focus to achieve your goals

Alexandra Watson -Time To Shine! – Feel Confident Everyday. As seen on ITV1s X Factor

A voyage of discovery how to powerfully take charge of your life and uncover your inner diamond to shine once again! Discover the secrets to unblocking your life, feeling great and achieving the confidence and happiness you ultimately want.

Disc Four:

Jenny Cox - The Missing Link

Jenny's transformational tool The Balance Procedure(TBP) is taking the world by storm! During this inspiring and fun talk Jenny explains how the Law Of Attraction works, why most people are not attracting what they want in life and how you can attract what you want!