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How to change and inspire others

Joseph Clough

I get many emails asking me, "What is the best way to help and inspire those in our life?"

Many would say that the way to help people is to tell them what to do and how to be different.

However, even though the intention is wonderful when we do this, 99% of the time it is received in a negative way and actually causes a person to remain stuck.

After all, have you ever been told how you should change? Or that youshould stop a certain behavior?

How did it feel? 

More often than not, we feel as if we are being judged or attacked, despite the person being well-intentioned and trying to help us.

So how do you help someone without them feeling attacked? 

Well, in this video, I share with you how you can help those in your life in a way that causes them to change by themselves at an unconscious level. 

Are you Ready? If so, click play!

Free Anxiety Hypnosis Session

Joseph Clough

Today I bring you some ease from the dreaded blah of anxiety.... 

Anxiety stopped me progressing in my dreams...

 Crushed my relationships....

 Poisoned my health.....

 Destroyed my social life.....

And because of that, I missed out on a LOT! 

If you feel what I feel and are ready to soften the symptoms and get some ease right now....I have something for you! 

I care about you so much, I wanted to give it to you for free. 

Listen to my Free Anxiety hypnosis track now: