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Complete Confidence Mastery

11 Lesson Complete Confidence Audio Program.


I just know if you follow through with each lesson you will see your confidence grow to new levels that you have always wanted.

Together we will create amazing transformation in you. You will be unstoppable!

  A HUGE eleven lesson, twenty two day course, with PDFS and MP3s downloads by bestselling author Joseph Clough

A HUGE eleven lesson, twenty two day course, with PDFS and MP3s downloads by bestselling author Joseph Clough

Whether you suffer from low self-esteem, anxiety, depression or in fact any issue this program will help you realize the power of you.

Every two days, I will email you with the new release of the next lesson. I do this so that you can learn new strategies in a specific sequence. Having time to process each lesson is really the best way to gain complete confidence. 

So....this what you will learn:

In Lesson One we go over the first initial yet vital foundations of understanding how your mind works that sets us for the success throughout the programme. Discover the secrets of success in your very own mind.

In Lesson Two we do deeply into the 'I am's', the importance of changing our focus and developing our ultimate vision. I have also included a powerful process of developing and installing new beliefs, mindsets, resources and behaviours that will cause your unconscious mind to seek the new way of being the confident you. It's all within you!

In Lesson Three you take your ultimate vision and ask yourself "what is stopping me have this?" "What beliefs do I have about myself that make this true?"

Then we go into a powerful process of letting go of the limiting beliefs we hold, the negative emotions that have held you back and then install powerful learnings at a deep unconscious level to manifest your ultimate vision into the now.

In Lesson Four we take a journey into the difference between success and failure, taking real life change makers in history and to understand how they achieved their success.

We discover what belief you would like and then we go about creating and enlarging that belief into your world that gives you the power to realise your potential being the confident you!

In Lesson Five we make an important understanding between why we do what we do, how we can modify and dissolve any consistent negative thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviours we may have about ourselves.

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Lesson Six
In Lesson Six we discover five powerful keys to create any change you wish to be the confident you. I have also added a powerful hypnosis track on being and becoming the courageous you, free of all anxiety, worry and low self esteem.

I then guide you through one of the most powerful and life changing processes around that will create inner alignment, peace, happiness and confidence.

Lesson Seven:
In Lesson Seven I teach you some processes to instantly change the way you feel. So you can turn around negative feelings so that you can have the freedom to feel what you want to feel when you want to.

I have also given you a extra bonus on a hypnotic session to leave you inspired to consider new possibilities through my own personal insights. We also take our ultimate vision and ask ‘what is stopping me have this?’ 'What beliefs do I have about myself that make this true?’

Then we go into a powerful process of letting go of the limiting beliefs we hold, the negative emotions that have held you back and installing powerful learnings at a deep unconscious level and manifest your ultimate vision into the now.  

Lesson Eight:
In Lesson Eight we uncover our deep inner qualities that we can bring out into our life that we have been taught not too. We then take the time to discover our own mission statement. 

From there we take what we have learned to expand into our reality consciously and unconsciously in a powerful process of transformation.

Lesson Nine:
In Lesson Nine I show you the inner needs we all crave, but how they can cause us problems when we approach them from a place of fear, scarcity, low self esteem and anxiety. 

But nothing to fear, I show you how we can turn it all around so you can live successfully being confident with this crucial insights.

Then I take you onto a process that was taken directly from a live paid talk where you can become the Movie Star Of Your Life being the Script Writer, Director, Actor, Editor and Producer of your life, exactly how you desire.

Lesson Ten:
In Lesson Ten we voyage into a new place of new perspectives. Einstein once said you cannot solve a problem by being in the same mindset which created it.

I show you how to transform your way of thinking, to think outside of the box to tap into new advice and learnings for nothing but success and perspective.

Then I guide you through a process that is designed to give your unconscious mind everything it needs to make the change to become confident in all areas of your life.

Lesson Eleven:
In Lesson Eleven, the final lesson, I show you how powerful your mind is to letting go of old associations of self and develop new associations that give you the true core confidence you deserve.

I then lead you through a final message that I originally wrote with you in mind, its my truth, my thoughts of how special and amazing you are.